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I hope you like the new look of the site. There are a lot of new features for registered users such as a new vertically-oriented chart of ancestors, more options in creating an exported GEDCOM file, mobile device compliant, and the Father's Side (my father's ancestors) and Mother's Side (my mother's ancestors) options at the top of the screen that will display their ancestral charts showing six generations but can be changed once displayed. I hope you enjoy the new look.

On this site you will find information on my ancestors who first appeared in Virginia in the early 1700s. Moses Overton being from King & Queen County, Virginia and buying land in Amelia County in 1753 is the first recorded record of my Overton ancestors in America. From Moses in 1753 to today you will find recorded on this site a listing of ancestors gathered from many sources, i.e., Genealogy Researchers, documents from Federal and State records, and family histories.

Soon after Moses appeared in 1753, many land and court records appeared listing Moses and his children. Some of his children stayed in Virginia and others migrated to North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and westward. I have tried to record their migration within these web pages up to current time.

Based on DNA research, the Overton Haplogroup is R-BY96525 where R-BY96525 is the Overton defined Haplotree Block. This group probably arrived in England both with Anglo-Saxons and later with the Vikings, and probably some more with the Normans. This Haplogroup is concentrated in the southeast and northeast areas of England. There are two people identified with R-BY96525 (Through FamilyTreeDNA's Big Y-700 DNA test) and one is myself and a person with ancestors in France.

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